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North Tower Progress

  • Pouring of the Level 15 slab and installation of precast stair cores & fins to Level 15 and Level 16.
  • The North Core was jumped at Level 18 – Level 19.

South Tower Progress

  • The Level 12 slab was poured and the precast stair cores & fins were installed from Level 12 – Level 15.
  • The precast stair cores & fins were installed at Level 15 – Level 16.
  • Whilst the South Core had two Jumps Level 17 – Level 18 & Level 18 – Level 19.

North Tower

  • Landing Bubbledeck for L12 & L15.
  • The completion of L11 & L12 slab pours and the installation of the precast panels.
  • The jumping & pour of the lift core walls for L15-16 & L16-17.

South Tower

  • Landing of Bubbledeck on L 11 & L12.
  • The completion of L10 & 11 slab pours as well as the installation of the precast panels.
  • The Jumping and pour of the lift core walls for L12-L15 and L15-L16.


  • North Tower Level 9, 10 slab pours
  • North Tower lift core jumpform jump to L15
  • South Tower Level 9 slab pours
  • South Tower lift core jumpform jump to L12
  • Ground Floor slab pours continuing
  • Commence setting out walls in lower levels 2 – 6
  • First fix Services installation in Levels 2 – 6


  • Completion of Level 7 transfer slab (NE corner)
  • Commencement of the split into two towers ( North & South ) at Level 8
  • Erection of Level 8 props & landing of North & South tower L8 panels
  • Pouring of Level 8 slabs


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